23—29 AUGUST 2016 @ SPAIN
Lost Theory Festival 2016
Evolving, transforming and relocating to Spain!
Join us and discover our new magical location in Spain! Keeping it cozy, capacity be 2500, tickets will launch on the 1st of January.
Permaculture Design Course
From ancient tribal wisdom to the technological advances of today, join us for a Permaculture Design Course with a practical focus on bridging the gap between respect for life and design that enhances life in all its forms.
Bushcraft course
The flow of water off the Sierra de Gredos forms a beautiful meandering river on its way to the ocean, called Rio Ladrillar. This will be the setting for our bushcraft week. This course is highly recommended for those who want to delve into bushcraft and the flora and fauna of the region. One week before the festival.
The Theory of Everything.....get the sounds of summer, newly embossed memorabilia and retro active LT wears at the link to the webshop.
Croatia, we will be back. The location and the nature need a rest, but we are already planning an epic return in 2017.